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Medium Lift Off



Minimum purchase 12 boxes

Box Colors

White/ขาว Red/แดง Navy Blue/น้ำเงินเข้ม

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Medium Lift Off Lid Gift Boxes are our unique and incredibly clever folding gift box with a separate over fitting lift off rigid lid.Offering all the benefits and appearance of a traditional lift off lid luxury gift box but with all the space saving advantages of a folding box.Ideal hamper and retail gift packaging solutions for all types of luxury gifts.

  • Luxury matt finish throughout, including the lid lining.
  • Base supplied folded flat and sitting within the 3cm depth lid.
  • Base assembles in seconds with four large and strong sticky corners. 
  • Lid can sit neatly under the assembled base to display your product contents.
  • All gift boxes can be printed, foil blocked or debossed with your own logo on a minimum quantity of 24 boxes.
  • See our Printing Page for custom branding information and example images. Complete the simple on-line print estimate for a quick price guide.

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